America Votes – NYU Reports: Live Election Night Broadcast


Anti-Semitism and the Trump Trolls: A Timeline

An interactive timeline of attacks on Jewish journalists.

Macy’s Flower Show

Spring is here, and Macy’s is celebrating the season with its annual flower show.

Video: Anticipating Christmas

New York is buzzing with Christmas anticipation — all the way from Bryant Park in Manhattan to a sushi restaurant in Brooklyn.

A Day at Trump Tower

Trump Tower has been popular long before Donald Trump announced his presidential bid here. Now it attracts more people than ever.

Snapchat Baking Story

I have been experimenting with new tools, and recently produced my first Snapchat story. It’s a banana bread tutorial .

Trump Tower Interviews

At Trump Tower everybody I spoke to had a positive opinion about the illustrious GOP frontrunner – but for very different reasons.


The Republican debate hosted by CNN made for some decent policy talk – and some great reality TV. According to Twitter the real winner of the debate wasn’t even on the stage.

The Pope in NYC

Over 100 NYU Journalism students teamed together with the start-up “Evrybit” to report live from the streets during the papal visit to New York.