Anti-Semitism and the Trump Trolls: A Timeline

Anti-Semitism and the Trump Trolls: A Timeline

It’s too early to tell what the long-term effects of a Donald Trump candidacy will be. But one thing is for sure – his hateful rhetoric has inspired his followers. And especially so online, where it’s easy to attack someone without repercussions.

We have compiled an interactive timeline of these attacks, that you can look at here.

“There has been a rise in this kind of anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish journalist,” said Mark Potok, a fellow at the Southern Policy Law Center that tracks hate-groups. “I also believe that the Trump campaign has made it more acceptable to make these anti-Semitic claims in public,” Polok told the Forward. “He made it acceptable.”

Over the last year, we have seen more and more Jewish journalists become the target of trolling and online harassment by Trump supporters. It didn’t matter if the journalists were liberal, conservative or even really Jewish, the “alt-right” movement attacked them all.

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