We visited Trump Tower, and it perfectly epitomizes its eccentric, contradictory owner

Perhaps no other candidate in American history has ever had a building as closely connected to his persona, business, and political ambitions as Trump. The building at 725 Fifth Avenue is the personification of the real estate mogul, and it intrigues Trump supporters and Democrats alike. It’s here that they can feel close to the candidate and buy his merchandise. It’s here that they can see manifestations of the many controversies surrounding him.

Trump Tower is like a small version of the “Make America Great Again” campaign, and in many ways, describing Trump Tower is like describing the campaign itself. You don’t need to change adjectives to describe the building’s architecture and the man who alludes to his penis size in a presidential debate; both are over the top. The campaign is Trump’s flashy persona, just like Trump Tower is his business empire’s epicenter. The way Trump talks about tenants he doesn’t like mirrors his comments about political opponents. So to understand Trump, go to Trump Tower.

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Published on: Quartz


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