Out-Of-Towners Push Their Candidates

Out-Of-Towners Push Their Candidates

Before Hillary Clinton launched in her campaign speech last Friday night at a New Hampshire fundraiser, she made sure to thank the “thousands of volunteers” who braved the bitter cold to get out the vote for her.

“I know how hard you are working. Across the state [you bring] your dreams and determination into this effort, knocking on doors in the winter cold,” Clinton said.

On the eve of the primary, the Democratic as well as the Republican candidates rely on thousands of volunteers working for them in the Granite State. Some are locals; many are not.

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Published on: New Hampshire Chronicles
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  1. Michael J. Machnica says:

    Hi Miss Maier, I enjoyed your coverage of the events in Manchester. I would have liked to speak with you as well, but by that time you had interviewed several other volunteers at the Trump HQ in Manchester. Rowena Henley did record my conversation with her. I wish she would have posted that on the Scribble Live blog. I gave her enough material to ponder for quite a while. She had friends waiting, so I did not delve into the assassination of JFK with her. Now we have a prominent,as well as controversial, deceased Supreme Court Justice with suspicious things occurring following the discovery of his body. I am off to Columbia, SC from Buffalo, NY at 6 AM today.Sincere regards, Michael


    1. lillymaier says:

      Dear Michael, I am glad to hear you liked my Manchester coverage. You can read more about it on my blog: ladylibertyvotes.wordpress.com. Rowena did post the interview with you on ScribbleLive, but I just saw that there is a technical problem, because all the posts from New Hampshire are gone. Check back in a couple of days!


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