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Behind the Scenes: Social Media at is the first publication that I solely consume via social media. I had been following Ezra Klein on Facebook when he launched in the spring of 2014, and I soon read at least three or four of their articles a day. Then, this summer I realized that I didn’t know what’s homepage looked like.

All the articles I read are pre-selected for me by some obscure social media team that I imagined to be a small army of minions sitting in front of their computers. Turns out, I was wrong:’s engagement team isn’t manned by an army of yellow-skinned banana-lovers, but instead consists of (only) three women: Director of Programming, Allison Rockey, Audience Engagement Manager, Agnes Mazur, and Social Media Manager, Lauren Katz.

To find out more about’s social media strategy, I talked on the phone with Katz, who has been with the online news site for almost a year, after working in similar positions at NPR and Google Glass.

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