An Immigrant’s Advice

An Immigrant’s Advice: “If you come to New York, please have a purpose”

Jahaida Hernández Jesurum left her hometown, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, in her early twenties. After a short detour in Spain, she immigrated to New York in 2007, becoming part of the largest foreign-born group in the city. Dominicans make up 12 percent of all immigrant New Yorkers, relegating Mexicans (the country’s biggest immigrant group) to third place, according to an official report by the city.

After years of working odd jobs and struggling through American bureaucracy, Jesurum now calls the Big Apple home. The 31-year-old  Latina with self-described “crazy curly hair” works as a freelance interpreter and is thinking about going back to college for a master’s degree. In her free time, Jesurum volunteers  for New Women New Yorkers, where she gives women immigrants the help she wishes she had received when she first came here.

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Published on: New Women New Yorkers (October 2015).





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