Trump Tower Interviews

Trump Tower Interviews

The NYU Magazine Journalism students spent an afternoon interviewing people about their thoughts on the upcoming election and posting mini-profiles on Instagram.

At Trump Tower everybody I spoke to had a positive opinion about the illustrious GOP frontrunner – but for very different reasons.

#TrumpTower Charlie Hall, a tourist from Arizona came to take a look at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. “With all the attention he is getting, we wanted to come and see it,” Hall explained while his granddaughters ran around him in circles. “He is not politically correct,” Hall admitted, but “he says the kind of things that we want to hear. We like the way he talks.” Hall feels he can really relate to Trump, because they are both businessmen. “We have always said, if you run a country like a business it would be a lot different.” Hall believes that he wouldn’t follow the election as closely if Trump wasn’t in the race. “I don’t know if he is the right guy for the job, but he has got a lot of people thinking,” Hall said. The Arizonan doesn’t think it’s a problem that Trump is alienating some people. “If you are a businessman like he is, you can’t make everybody happy, it’s not a perfect world.” By Lilly Maier / @lillymmaier

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Hillary Supporter Loves Trump #TrumpTower “I think Trump is awesome. He is bringing up some issues," said Gloria Horsley in front of the Starbucks in Trump Tower. The psychotherapist from California is host of the radio show “Open to Hope” and just sent a Snapchat of the empty staircase to her grandkids, asking, “Where is the Donald?” – “I get a kick out of him, he is good entertainment,” Mrs. Horsley said laughing. “I like the fact that he brings up some of the tough issues. I think he takes kinda an impossible take on some things.” But would she vote for him? “No,” Horsley was fast to point out. “I am going to vote for Hillary. I voted for Barack Obama, partially because he was black, and I am going to vote for Hillary, because she is a woman.” By Lilly Maier / @lillymmaier

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To see the mini-profiles by my classmates, visit the NYU Mag Instagram page.

Published on: NYU Magazine (October 2015).



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