The Pope in NYC

The Pope in NYC

Over  100 NYU Journalism students teamed together with the start-up “Evrybit” to report live from the streets of New York during the visit of Pope Francis. Evrybit is a mobile app that allows you to shoot video, take photos, record audio and write texts on your iPhone, and then directly publishes them onto the web. All together we published over 500 posts, following the papal motorcade through the whole city.

Below are screenshots of all the posts I did over the course of three days. To see the videos and listen to the audio, please look at the actual story, published on NYU’s “Pavement Pieces.”

Read the whole story

Wednesday, September 23

screenshot_03screenshot_04 screenshot_01screenshot_02


Tuesday, September 24
photo 4photo 5 photo 2photo 3 photo 5photo 1 photo 3 photo 1photo 2photo 4photo 5photo 2photo 3photo 1photo 5photo 4
Friday, September 25

photo 2photo 3photo 5photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 2photo 1photo 5photo 3photo 4photo 2photo 1photo 5photo 3photo 4photo 2photo 5photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 4photo 5photo 3photo 1photo 2photo 2photo 3photo

photo 1


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