“Watergate Garage” set for demolition

The Story Brought Down a President. Now Its Most Important Location Faces the Same Fate.

It is 2 a.m. in an underground garage somewhere in the Washington metropolitan area. Few cars are parked at this hour and the dark widespread garage is quiet except for the humming of an air conditioner and damped traffic noises. A tall, middle-aged man stands in the shadows besides a pillar in the last row of the level, barely visible except for the orange flash from his lighter and the white smoke from his cigarette. A second man, younger than the first one, walks towards him, his footsteps mimicking the sound of a gong in the silent garage. His name is Bob Woodward, 29, he is a journalist in the Metro section at the Washington Post. And he has come here at this late hour to talk to his informant.

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Published on: The Huffington Post (November 2013).



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